Swepac is a Swedish company based in Ljungby, Småland. Our Swedish origin appears among other things in terms of quality and reliability.

We are driven by a strong will to work with our customers to develop new products and solutions that facilitate, improve and provide good returns for their owners. More than 25 years of experience form a solid foundation for new thinking. The development work encompasses several areas such as: mechanics, digitalization, ergonomics, work environment and environment.

Customer-based development

Our products are found at the major rental companies in both Sweden and Europe, but also among many smaller contractors. The rental companies and their customers’ demands for sustainability and product quality are high. It has given us valuable input that we take into account when developing new products. The product portfolio has therefore been developed and broadened with a series of machines and equipment for concrete treatment, which complement the well-known products for soil and asphalt compaction.

Product development and assembly take place at our facility in Ljungby. The development and design work is directed towards products with solid functionality, good ergonomics, quality in material selection and consideration for both the environment and the work environment.

The latest in the line of innovations was shown at Bauma 2019 – a brand new series of reversible plate compactors, some with the possibility of digital connection, called Swepac connectivity. In addition, we introduce several battery-powered compactors that are based on a unique Swepac patent.

A quality based product strategy

All Swepac products are designed and manufactured for demanding and professional use. Rugged chassis, proven engines and oversized air filters are clear evidence of this. In order for the products to be easily transported, they have large and well-placed lifting brackets.

Swepac will continue to develop its core product area, soil compaction, supplemented with equipment for concrete treatment. Future machines will get even better ergonomics with lower noise levels and hand-arm vibrations. We are also increasing our investment in digitally connected machines. The new generation of reversible machines is a good example. Another important area is battery-powered machines and therefore we continue to invest in utilizing our unique patent.

The aftermarket is central to Swepac and the web-based spare parts portal will continue to be developed to become even more customer-friendly.

Swepac cooperates with external consultants and industrial designers to create the best and most modern solutions from both customer and manufacturing perspective.

International expansion

In addition to Swepac’s primary markets, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Poland, investments are made in the Baltic States and Europe. A new market is also MEAA (Middle East, Africa and Asia) where Swepac has sales and aftermarket representatives in Dubai. Today, Swepac is available in some 30 markets and the number will grow.

Quality and environment

The main customer group consists of rental companies, and they place very high demands on quality and environmental thinking.

Swepac is certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001 but we want more than that. Production takes place with flow based assembly utilizing LEAN principles. Each step of the assembly is checked either with programmable tools or checklists and each machine is tested as part of the production flow. The solid quality work reduces the number of quality deficiencies, which will benefit our customers in the form of less operational interruptions and thus increased revenues.