The C45 is part of a floor levelling system for use on rails.

This is a complete and flexible system for casting of concrete floors. The Screed rails are available in seven different heights which will fit slabs from metal decking to heavy duty industrial floors.

  • Material: Steel 1 mm thick & PE plastic strip
  • True joint – dowel bar holder/alignment
  • Form system
  • Crack allocation control
  • Easy and accurate levelling
  • Static load capacity 200 kg (support c-c 1100 mm)
  • Temperature range -30°C- +80°C
  • Suitable Swepac Poker vibrators available in different models and diameters when casting with Combiform.


Recommended accessories

  • Locking clips for reinforcing and assuring height of the profile (included in the std 35 m box)
  • Adjustment screws for easy and quick alignment
  • Ground plate to ensure stable support
  • Top extender, 30 mm, for extra thick concrete layer and/or design
  • Adjustment tool for easy levelling


Calculation tool – Minimum slab depth

45 + 1,5 x max stone diameter = ……… mm

(i.e. 45 + 1,5 x 10 = 69 mm => minimum 69 mm slab depth)

Recommended max slab depth: 90 mm