About surface vibration.

In order to obtain a really flat and strong concrete floor which corresponds to the high demands of the customer, the concrete surface has to be treated with a surface vibrator. If an already installed concrete floor is to be covered by a new concrete layer, a surface vibrator is an excellent tool for obtaining an extra good adhesion between the two concrete constructions.

Just like the poker vibrators, the surface vibrators are used to reduce the air pockets in the concrete and create a denser, more durable concrete floor, with longer life expectancy.  More-over, surface vibrators produces a very flat floor. Swepac provides both a module-based and a unit-based vibrating beam. The module beam can, using its construction system, easily be transported to and from work sites, is simple to assemble/disassemble on site, and is the optimal choice for a number of different applications. The unit- or modular-based beam provides a very exact surface and is recommended when the customer/buyer has high requirements of quality and flatness for their finished concrete floor.