A fixed double beam for surface- and deep-vibration of fresh concrete surfaces.

All Swepac surface vibrators are versatile and easy to operate. They are also strong and reliable which means low operating and maintenance costs.

  • Fixed lengths:  2.2/ 3.2/ 4.2 / 5.2 / 6.2 and 7.2 m
  • Offers very high surface flatness, thanks to it’s extruded aluminum profile
  • 120 mm profile which offers good flexural resistance and stable Construction
  • Deep vibration to 150 mm
  • Made of strong, light weight aluminum, which means low weight / m
  • The vibration unit can be turned 90 degrees for horizontal vibration which gives a level floor
  • Lifting handle and pull rope included
  • Easy to adjust the level of the screed
  • The centrifugal force of the vibration unit can be adjusted from 0-3140 N, depending on screed length and type of Concrete.