When compacting sand, gravel, rock fill or asphalt, it is important to have the right size of machinery. The number of crossings is crucial for the final result. The appropriate machinery weight and number of crossings are specified in construction standards for different countries (in Sweden, Mark-AMA). In general, the bigger the size of the material, for instance gravel, the heavier the machinery. Another aspect to consider is that narrow or confined spaces require a reversible machine. A soil compactor from Swepac can usually be driven very slowly because of its infinitely variable speed control.

To compact asphalt, we offer machinery with a built-in water tank and sprinkler to cool/lubricate the base plate and prevent hot asphalt from sticking to the plate. The machinery base plate is specially designed to prevent track formation on the surface in asphalt work.

Swepac uses the best and most prominent engine manufacturers. This, combined with high quality standards in our Ljungby plant, which is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, means products with a long life and low maintenance cost.