Aftermarket support is an essential part of Swepac as a company and a brand, thus aftermarket support is available to all distributors and agents who in turn provide support to their respective Swepac end-customers.

Swepac’s aftermarket support function includes service, wear and spare parts sales, as well as warranty handling. We also promptly handle various queries that distributors or agents may have.

Swepac’s aftermarket support function provides technical support to our distributors and agents for service and repairs, as well as, handles queries on warranty. Detailed spare part lists in 3-D are available on our homepage,

Service bulletins are published when important changes are made to our products.

The CE/engine certificate, which contains information about emission levels, engine manuals and user instructions can easily be downloaded from our website.

Swepac’s Service and Warranty Policy provides further details on our aftermarket support.